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The UKBJJA is a non-profit organisation and any surplus funds are to be reserved for investment for development of the sport. The objectives of the UKBJJA are:

  • To preserve and protect the integrity of BJJ as a performance based martial art
  • To promote BJJ and encourage wider participation in all areas of the sport
  • To provide a framework for national recognition of the sport
  • To preserve the integrity of the ranking system
  • To provide a framework for competitions and individual schools to follow to ensure minimum standards of safety and good practice
  • To represent all clubs and members in a democratic and transparent manner

The UKBJJA are now able to offer Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks (previously CRB checks). Please email us for further information.


Structure of the UKBJJA

  • Board of up to 12, including at least 25% of whom are independent directors
  • Chairman to be elected every four years by member vote for maximum of two terms
  • Secretary to be elected every four years by member vote for maximum of two terms
  • Treasurer to be elected every four years by member vote for maximum of two terms
  • Council of 24 Officers responsible for the following areas: England BJJ Development; Wales BJJ Development; Scotland BJJ Development; Northern Ireland BJJ Development; Welfare, Safety and Equality; Competition Structure and Standards; Referees; Outreach and Development; Elite Performance; to be elected every four years by member vote. (NB this list of areas of responsibility is not exhaustive)

Referee Training Course Newcastle 9 July 2016

This will be a full day course and include all modules to achieve level one certification.(Those who have already completed part 1 of this course may attend the second half of the day to complete part 2). All attendees who pass the exam will receive a UKBJJA Level 3 certificate.

Date: July 9th 2016

Sign-Up Deadline:

Time: 10am – 4pm

Location: Origin Dojo. Arch 3 King Edward Bridge off Pottery Lane. Newcastle upon Tyne. NE1 3TQ

PLEASE NOTE, PAYMENT HAS TO BE MADE IN ADVANCE. YOU CANNOT PAY ON THE DAY. £40 for UKBJJA Members for full course £60 for non-UKBJJA Members for full course.

Registration opening shortly

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