2018 AGM

Notication of Annual General Meeting – 20 October, 2018

The United Kingdom Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Association Annual General Meeting will be held in Long Eaton, Nottingham on 20 October at 14:30.

The AGM will be preceded by a one hour open mat (from 13:30) – your chance to meet and roll with UKBJJA directors and fellow members. Make sure you bring your gi/rashguard! Gracie Barra Long Eaton will also welcome any attendees to join in their regular adults BJJ class from 10:30-12:00.

Agenda (subject to confirmation)

  1. Previous AGM minutes
  2. CEO report
  3. Accounts and finances
  4. Approval of financial budget and financial report
  5. Sport England Recognition
  6. Voting on approval of resolution to adopt UK Anti Doping rules – see attached notice
  7. Smoothcomp data migration
  8. Membership Options 2019
  9. UKBJJA Ranked Tournaments 2019
  10. University League
  11. Junior Development
  12. UKBJJA International Open Tournament
  13. A.O.B.

Attendance and voting rights:

All members of the UKBJJA are welcome to attend. As per the constitution, only member clubs or their designated representatives will be able to vote on any resolutions. To download a copy of the constitution, CLICK HERE.


Notice dated: 17/09/2018


“The Board of Directors of UKBJJA hereby resolves that the anti-doping rules of UKBJJA comprised in theUKBJJA Articles of Association, UKBJJA Constitutionand any previously published UKBJJA policy documents shall, as and from the 20 October 2018, stand repealed and shall be replaced by the following rule:

The anti-doping rules ofUKBJJA are the UK Anti-Doping Rules published by UK Anti-Doping Limited (or its successor), as amended from time to time.  Such rules shall take effect and be construed as rules of the UKBJJA.”

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