• What does it cost to join?

    Current membership rates can be found here.

  • What does club membership include?

    All member clubs are covered for public and products liability with insurance provided by Towergate. Their students are then able to join the member to member insurance scheme for their individual cover.

    Employer’s liability and abuse cover is available direct from Towergate for individual clubs that wish to upgrade their insurance package.

  • If the club is larger do they pay more?

    No, the membership fee is set at one level for all clubs. The club contribution helps to cover the Association’s administration costs. Remember that it is a non-profit organisation, any surplus funds will be invested back into the development of the sport.

  • What if I need proof of club insurance?

    If you need a certificate please contact us and we will give you contact details for Towergate; issuance of the certificate incurs an administration charge of £25 from Towergate. Member clubs are still insured without the certificate which is for your records only.

  • What does individual membership include?

    Individual membership includes member to member insurance, inclusion on the UKBJJA belt register, and inclusion in the UKBJJA rankings with the opportunity for sponsorship, discounts and other rewards.

    It is important to note that the individual cover provided by the Association is member to member insurance only. It does not provide insurance for injury or for medical treatment. Individuals can acquire personal injury cover direct from


  • Is there a different rate for instructors and students?

    No, everyone pays the same individual membership fee.

  • How do instructors get insurance?

    Instructors should contact Towergate directly to arrange their insurance, mentioning that they wish to be insured as part of the UKBJJA.

  • Can anyone join the UKBJJA?

    Minimum requirements for a club are to have a legitimate purple belt instructor. We also suggest that clubs try to follow the guidelines on health and safety here.

    Individuals can only join if their club is a member.

  • What if I join in the middle of the year?

    Clubs can join at any time for a yearly membership which runs from January to December. Fees are re-calculated halfway through the year on a pro-rata basis, so if you join with only 6 months of the membership year left you will pay less.

    If you require more details on what is covered by the insurance policies of the Association you can read the Martialguard policy documents here.

    Individuals can join at any time and membership will run for a year from the date you join.

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