Junior Athletes

The UKBJJA supports several initiatives to engage young people in BJJ and make it a safe, enjoyable and rewarding experience for children and teenagers. 

UKBJJA Junior and Juvenile Policy

It is the aim of the UKBJJA Board of Directors and UKBJJA Council to provide a framework and set of guidelines for the development of Junior and Juvenile Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) in the UK in a safe and enjoyable environment. For our Junior and Juvenile Policy please follow this link.

UK Medallists


Kids BJJ League Competitions

Kids BJJ League Competitions run monthly across the UK - in Northern, Southern and Eastern England, and in Wales. The organisers strive to grow BJJ at grass roots level by giving the children and teenagers regular, relaxed and well-organised competitions every month, in a safe environment with experienced referees.  In addition, the organisers try and offer guidance and advice to help nurture the Jiu Jitsu of younger competitors and get them comfortable with competing whilst ensuring that they really enjoy the experience.  By juniors and juveniles competing regularly at these events, the event organisers and the UKBJJA will improve the level of all teams and clubs and the standard of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu  across the UK.



"What a fantastic day.  A huge thank you to Greg Creel and the rest of the team for organising and running such a great event, I don't think it could have ran more smoothly..."  K Burnard Parent

"Welsh Jiujitsu enthusiasts, Neil Williams and Greg Creel , have been working tirelessly the past six months creating a fantastic opportunity for youngsters to throw themselves into BJJ..."  Callum Medcraft - Editor BJJ Style magazine

".... what makes it for me is the smiles on the kids faces, no matter who they represent, how they did...whether win, lose or draw...Its also a great testament to the sport of BJJ who it helps children grow and mature"  R Richings Competitors parent

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