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The UKBJJA is privileged to have the support and input of companies who are assisting our work to promote BJJ to a wider community, to develop outreach programmes, to support elite athletes and to take BJJ as a sport to the next level. If you are interested in working with the UKBJJA get in contact with us at info@ukbjja.org.

Break Apparel Ltd

Break is a clothing brand who is committed to offering Jiu Jitsu and Surfing apparel with clean designs and manufactured to an excellent standard. Break draw their inspiration from the parallels between these two disciplines which help you escape for a few hours each day, get you talking to people who you might never have had the chance to meet, and which cross communities and build friendships founded on the mutual love of the sport. The shaka symbol is synonymous with both disciplines and epitomises the Break brand and its clothing.

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Faixa Rua

Faixa Rua are specialists in high quality Brazilian Jiu Jitsu kimonos and fightwear. Established in London in 2007, the brand is dedicated to the cutting edge of design and manufacturing processes, ensuring that the kimono will stand up to the rigours of hard training week in, week out, year after year. Faixa Rua's philosophy is to produce hardwearing equipment that will stand the test of time with designs evolving gradually as new processes or regulations allow. The range of gis offer a variety of fits and styles so everyone can find the right Faixa Rua gi for them. Faixa Rua. Designed by Black belts. Tested in competition. Made for fighters. Fight or die!

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Faixa Rua

Idee Pure

Idee Pure is a company that creates high quality soap for BJJ, MMA and contact sports. Based in Manchester, all of the soaps are handmade with care and produced in small batches. Started in 2013 by John and Nat, the name originates from the French translation ‘Pure Idea’, used because Nat is french. Nat explained: “Everything we do is about being as pure or as natural as possible. All of our products are vegan friendly, cruelty free and we believe nature has a lot to offer and are obsessed with finding the perfect blend of oils, botanicals and premium raw materials for our products.” John explained why they chose to get on board with the UKBJJA: “To us, the UKBJJA and the sponsored athlete gi represent a wonderful ideal. It is about supporting hard work and giving back to the community regardless of team or affiliation. We wanted to be a part of this and to have an opportunity to support the community that supports us”.

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Jiu Jitsu Style Magazine

‘Jiu Jitsu Style’ is Europe’s first bi-monthly magazine, is guest edited by BJJ sensation Roger Gracie and is aimed solely at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. With a talented mix of photographers and journalists from around the world, it showcases BJJ via a range of interviews, reviews and special features. Jiu Jitsu Style Magazine intends to raise the profile of BJJ as a mainstream sport and provide interviews to show unrivalled insight into fighters’ lives. Magazine owner Callum Medcraft said: “The UKBJJA have been doing fantastic work helping Jiu Jitsu grow in the right direction here in the UK, and the talent level of our athletes is also constantly on the rise. Though our magazine focuses on the global Jiu Jitsu scene, we are based in the UK, so it’s great to support the endeavours of our home grown athletes and the UKBJJA as best we can." Callum has been training for BJJ for eight years and launched Jiu Jitsu Style Magazine over five years ago. He added: “I may not be a world class athlete, but Jiu Jitsu has become such a huge part of my life and I feel very lucky to have joined such a wonderful community”.

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BJJ style


PunchStrong is a UK fightwear and training-wear company, created in 2014, specialising in BJJ clothing. The brand was started with a mission: to create functional training gear with a unique contemporary style; to provide training gear and designs for the individual fighter; to create a brand fighters are proud to wear. Owners Alex Johnson and Neil Jones said, “We are proud to support the UKBJJA in its pursuit to build and improve BJJ in the UK. We have witnessed tremendous talent across all age groups, male and female, on the UK scene right now and we are excited for the future!”

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Physical Being

Physical Being is a company that has a whole-being approach to lifestyle and fitness and provides personal training, nutrition advice and group training. Founded by Kirsty Sulston in 2015, Physical Being is the culmination of a lifetime spent working to understand the human form and its potential for performance in a wide variety of athletic settings and lifestyle environments. With a long professional background in dance and more recent professional development in personal training and competitive Jiu Jitsu, Kirsty is uniquely placed to understand firsthand that the most aesthetic form is also the most biomechanically efficient and injury resistant and, therefore, the ideal foundation for reaching untapped levels of athleticism. Kirsty said: “I think that what they are doing for BJJ in the UK through their ranking system is great for the sport. BJJ is still developing and the steps the UKBJJA are taking are beginning to professionalise the sport and raise its profile in a wider context. I am also a great advocate of women's BJJ and so am very supportive of the UKBJJAs work to raise engagement among females”.

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Physical Being

Rainha Fightwear

Rainha Fightwear is a new brand of fightwear and lifestyle apparel made specifically for women in combat sports, martial arts and fitness. Its gis, rashguards and spats are cut specifically to fit women, and designed in a range of styles to suit all ages, sizes and tastes. Company owners include Josie, a creative, enthusiastic and driven mother and BJJ white belt, Jon who is a graphic designer and BJJ blue belt and their daughter Marlee. Josie said: “Supporting BJJ in the UK, such as the great work the UKBJJA is doing, is really important to us due to the effect the BJJ community has had on us personally. For the last 8 years I have struggled through a condition called Fibromyalgia, which is basically chronic full body pain and fatigue. Thanks to BJJ, the lovely people I train with and social media, I have been surrounded by nothing but support and positivity!” She continued: “The BJJ community is exactly that, a community, a lifestyle, supporting people no matter what challenges they face and we think this is amazing, breeding positivity, hardwork and dedication”.


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Saiko Apparel

Saiko Apparel is graphics and design company run by Craig Mitchell and Tracey Moore who have supplied  t-shirts and patches for the UKBJJA. Craig said: “We felt it was the right thing for us to get involved and support the UKBJJA where we could and hope to work with them again in future, as they're really making an effort to support BJJ in the UK. Craig crossed over to BJJ from a judo background and trains in Sunderland under Dale Percival and Pete Irving. Tracey has a huge amount of experience in the clothing import industry and together they’re aiming to bring some innovative products to the BJJ community, for both individuals and academies.




Sulston's Kitchen

Sulston’s Kitchen is a company that is run for athletes by athletes and provides recipes for food and snacks to fuel a fighter ready to take to the mats. Sulston’s Kitchen was started in November 2014 by Ben, who has always tried to support UK athletes and has been training in BJJ himself since 2008. It offered a care package of healthy snacks for all the top ranked athletes going to the Europeans, which included two of the company’s favourite healthy snacks of protein flapjacks and multi seed protein balls to help keep the athletes fueled whilst competing in Lisbon. Company owner Ben Sulston said: “I chose to support the UKBJJA because of everything they are doing to support UK based athletes. The UKBJJA is great because of all it is doing with seminars, referees courses and sponsoring the athletes. I think the ranking system is great because it will encourage more people to compete and long term this will increase the level of BJJ here in the UK”.


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Sulston's kitchen

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