The UKBJJA is committed to the promotion of good practice in health and safety and child protection, and the security and welfare of its members. For the full range of policies please contact us.


Guidelines for member clubs

  • All instructors should be purple belt or higher
  • 40mm minimum for mats with minimal gaps
  • No sharp edges or corners in matted area
  • Cleaning policy in place for dojo area
  • Clear rules for students to remove jewellery before training
  • Zero tolerance for skin infections and policy for advice on treatment
  • Minimum areas per pair in sparring
  • Supervision and training for use of weights/fitness equipment if applicable
  • First aid kit
  • Fire exits to British standards
  • First aid training for instructors
  • DBS checks for instructors where relevant
  • Accident report book
  • Sensible policy on adult and child integration during training
  • Child protection policy in place
  • Member to member insurance for all students
  • Instructor insurance and club insurance

Full copies of UKBJJA policies are available on request from info@ukbjja.org

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