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Our Mission

UKBJJA is a non-profit organisation. Our mission is to preserve and protect the integrity of BJJ as a performance based martial art and to promote and encourage wider participation in all areas of the sport.

What we do

The UKBJJA is democratic, non profit and represents the UK Brazilian Jiu Jitsu community. See some of the projects we are working on.

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We offer our members discounts on a range of learning opportunities, including

  • referee courses
  • safeguarding training
  • first aid
  • coaching skills

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Welsh Director Election Results

Full results of the recent election for Regional Director, Wales


Latest Coronavirus/Covid 19 guidance for individuals and clubs – updates 17 May 2021

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The UKBJJA offers a programme of top quality tournaments and discounted courses for members.

There are no upcoming events at this time.


The UKBJJA elected a new Regional Director, Wales at an EGM held on Zoom on Sunday 17 January 2021.

The winning candidate was Mr Greg Creel, who will hold the position until October 2025.

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The return of professional Jiu Jitsu

The UKBJJA is proud to be have played a part in ​the return of professional Jiu Jitsu to TV in the form of Polaris 13 UK Grand Prix. Shown live on UFC Fightpass

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Phased return to the mats

Official statement from the UKBJJA on the UK Government’s plans to re-open indoor gyms and leisure spaces on July 25 2020

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UKBJJA Statement on Racism

UKBJJA Statement on Racism in Sport

The UKBJJA is determined to build an inclusive and open community for our members and the sport as a whole. We are implementing a number of steps to eliminate racism and all forms of discrimination.

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What is BJJ?

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a performance based martial art and combat sport that was developed in Brazil in the 20th century . With roots in Judo and Japanese Jiu Jitsu it has been developed and refined into a unique grappling art.


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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is suitable for all ages, men and women, boys and girls. Whether you want to get fit, learn self defence or compete, jiu jitsu is for everyone. With a network of over 300 member clubs across the country, there has never been a better time to train BJJ.



The UKBJJA is a not-for profit organisation which aims to provide a governance structure for the martial art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, that promotes and develops the sport while allowing individual clubs and practitioners the space and freedom to practice the martial art in the way they enjoy .


Benefits include liability insurance for clubs and individuals, discounted instructor insurance, national athlete rankings & prize fund, discounted entry to UKBJJA events, training in first aid, safeguarding, refereeing, DBS checks and more...

Confidential Hotline: Have you been the victim of, or witness to, any form of discrimination, harassment or abuse in BJJ? Email (in confidence) [email protected]