Team UK Athlete Profile: Kat Hill

Team UK Athlete Profile: Kat Hill

The World Jiu-Jitsu IBJJF Championship 2017 will be taking place in Long Beach, California from May 31st to June 4th.

As always, there will be a good contingent of UKBJJA athletes heading out to win some medals for the UK. In the run up to the competition, we will be profiling some of these athletes. Wish them luck!

Athlete Profile: Kat Hill

Tell us your name & nickname, if you have one?

Kat Hill…. no nickname really, though sometimes Dr Hill.

What’s your belt rank & division?

Female Adult Brown Belt Light

Where do you train & what team do you represent?

Carlson Gracie London in Hammersmith and I represent Carlson Gracie Team.

What have been your main achievements/results/medals so far?

Podium places at all the major internationals, the Worlds, the Europeans and the Pan Ams, British champion three years running, London IBJJF international champion 3 years running and a collection of double golds in the U.K. and Europe.

What got you into jiu jitsu? What do you get out of it?

My ex-husband watched UFC and explained a few grappling moves to me, so I went and tried a class and never looked back. I love the challenge, the total involvement in the moment, as well as the fantastic people you meet all round the world. It’s been great for my physical and mental well-being… and I love competing and teaching.

Is this your first time at the Worlds? Do you know who else is in your division? What have you been doing to prepare?

No, I did it as a blue belt and got a bronze in a deep division. First mundials medal ever for my team along with my team mate’s silver so I was very proud. By brown belt you know most people and it’s the usual suspects, people who have been on the podium at the majors including the girl who beat me at the Pans in the semi so I am looking forward to the rematch. I train hard, honing the details, and also have a comprehensive strength and conditioning programme with our trainer in London.

What is your favourite position/technique? Be as (dis)honest as you like!

A loaded question… whatever works against my opponent!

What are your plans for after the worlds?

I will be going to the British Nationals and coaching and preparing some of my students to compete there from the gym I help run in Oxford. Maybe a trip to Belfast for a seminar. The main thing is preparing for a meeting with sport England to get through the second stage application to get BJJ as a recognised sport. Big stuff!

What advice would you give to somebody just starting to compete in BJJ?

Just enjoy the journey, keep training and have fun.


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