Team UK Athlete Profile: Shay Montague

Team UK Athlete Profile: Shay Montague

The World Jiu-Jitsu IBJJF Championship 2017 will be taking place in Long Beach, California from May 31st to June 4th.

As always, there will be a good contingent of UKBJJA athletes heading out to win some medals for the UK. In the run up to the competition, we will be profiling some of these athletes. Wish them luck!

Athlete Profile: Shay Montague

Tell us your name & nickname, if you have one?

Shay Montague

What’s your belt rank & division?

Im a blue belt, i represent SBG and compete at rooster weight

Where do you train & what team do you represent?

I train in the north of Scotland at SBG Moray

What have been your main achievements/results/medals so far?

I managed to get a bronze at no-gi euros other than that just a host of medals from regional British comps.

What got you into jiu jitsu? What do you get out of it?

I was (and still am) into watching MMA and in particular i enjoyed it when a fight went to the ground. I decided it would be cool to try and learn that myself so went along to a local BJJ club. BJJ obviously is good for me physically, but i also think its a very mentally stimulating sport. I’m happiest when I’m training, so overall I think there is a number of things i get out of BJJ.

Is this your first time at the Worlds? Do you know who else is in your division? What have you been doing to prepare?

This is my first time at worlds. I had an opportunity to go to worlds and I jumped at it, you never know when if ever in the future you will be able to travel and compete at such a big comp as this, especially as you get older and adult responsibilities catch up.

I haven’t checked the brackets yet, I will give them a scan closer to the time. I have just been preparing as i normally would for any other comp.

What is your favourite position/technique? Be as (dis)honest as you like!

As you would expect from a rooster weight, I would consider my guard my best attribute, but I am now enjoying passing just as much as being on bottom.

What are your plans for after the worlds?

Immediately after worlds i have some time in LA, so I look forward to training at some of the best gyms in the world. After that when I’m back home I plan on training and competing as much as possible.

What advice would you give to somebody just starting to compete in BJJ?

My advice would be just to go and do it. Its fun, challenging and even when you lose you get a lot out of it. As the famous adage goes ‘you either win or you learn’.


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