Top Ranked Athlete 2018 – Emma Pursey

Emma Pursey is the top ranked adult female blue belt for 2018.

She is the winner of £500 sponsorship to compete at the 2019 Europeans in Lisbon. Good luck Emma!

Name: Emma Jayne Pursey
Club: CF24 Jiu Jitsu
Nickname: Yogi (not very original, but my coach called me Yogi in my very first class, and it’s followed me ever since.)
Notable achievements: No-gi Worlds silver (2017), European bronze 2018), British Nationals gold (2017 and 2018), London Open gold (2017 and absolute in 2018), Paris Open double gold (2018), National Masters gold (2018), English Open gold, gi and no-gi (2018). I also won all but one Race to the Ref in 2018, and I only lost that one because Dinu set me up.
Favourite move: STINGER
Sporting heroes – BJJ or otherwise: Andy Murray – wears his heart on his figurative sleeve and promotes the rights of women in sport. In BJJ, Daniel Strauss, Leoni Munslow, Jack Burrell, and Ffion Davies. 
What inspires you to compete? I’ve lost more fights than anyone. Ever. I am perpetually trying to redress that balance. I actually just enjoy most aspects of competing – training with purpose, travelling to different countries, testing myself against new opponents, forcing my friendship on notable BJJ personalities, and most importantly, racing to the referee  
What advice would you give other competitors? Never allow yourself to be choked unconscious from your own closed guard. It’s really quite embarrassing. Oh, and race to the ref.