Top Ranked Athlete 2018 – Jordan Kirk

Jordan Kirk is the top ranked adult MALE PURPLE belt for 2018.

He is the winner of £500 sponsorship to compete at the 2019 Europeans in Lisbon. Good luck Jordan!

Name: Jordan Kirk

Club: Fightworx Academy
Notable achievements:

British open – Gold; London warrior cup – Double Gold; Naga UK – Gold; Kleos – Gold; Bristol open – Gold (three years running); Surrey open – Double gold; Newquay open – Quadruple Gold, Triple Gold

Sporting heroes (BJJ or otherwise): Jacare Souza, Marcelo Garcia, Stephanie McMahon
What inspires you to compete? Competition keeps me sharp, not just in jiu jitsu, but life in general.
I’m the kind of person that needs to set goals and have something to aim towards. I refuse to be one those people that happily coast through life, not aiming to better themselves daily.
What advice would you give other competitors? Keep your wits about you, it’s a jungle out there.