UPDATED 17 May 2021

This page lists the most recent restrictions and guidelines for practising BJJ in the UK. Please check back regularly.

Clubs and gyms affected by the most recent restrictions should check whether they can claim any support funding – we have produced a guide to available support HERE.

We are continuing to push for a safe return to training and hope to see you all back on the mats soon


Please download and read our Return to Sport Action Plan. It explains what you can an cannot do and provides valuable information to help you open your gym/club safely and legally, including risk assessment templates and risk mitigation procedures.

Current Status (from 17 May 2021):

.Juniors (<18yrs) may train at Phase 2 of the Action Plan: full contact is permitted; training in bubbles of up to 15.

Adults (18+) may train at Phase 1 of the Action Plan: Participants may breach social distancing when drilling using handheld or wearable equipment.. Socially distanced group classes are permitted indoors, subject to available venue space (9m2 per participant)

Elite athlete training continues as before, following existing guidelines.

Further restrictions will be announced as soon as confirmed – we anticipate 7 days’ notice of further easing of restrictions.


UKBJJA Return to Sport Action Plan (pdf)

Sport England guidance and FAQs

Government guidance (DCMS)


Current Alert Level 3

Alert Level 3 summary:
Juniors (<18yrs): non-contact training only, outdoors and indoors.
Adults (18+): non-contact training only, outdoors and indoors, maximum  15 participants indoors.

Elite athlete training may continue, following previous guidelines.

Sport Wales Guidance
Welsh Government Guidance FAQs
Alert Levels in Wales
Sport, recreation and leisure: guidance for a phased return (


Most of Scotland is currently at Alert Level 2. Please check the Alert Level for your area and follow the relevant guidance.

Alert Level 2 summary:
Juniors (<18yrs) may train with contact indoors and outdoors
Adults (18+) may train with contact outdoors only. Indoor group classes permitted, subject to social distancing

CLICK HERE to download UKBJJA guidance on alert levels in Scotland.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance on sport and leisure facilities (
Coronavirus (COVID-19) information and resources (Sport Scotland)
PHASE 2 RETURN TO SPORT (Sport Scotland)


Current status: non-contact training, only permitted outdoors.

From 24 May 2021: indoor group training may resume, subject to social distancing and venue space requirements of 9m2 per participant

Elite athlete training may continue, following previous guidelines.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) regulations guidance (
Latest guidance for sports (Sport NI)
Coronavirus (COVID-19) regulations guidance: sport, culture and leisure activities (
FAQ Guidance (sport NI)