If you have any questions, need to update details or require membership support please email us at [email protected]

Guidelines for member clubs:

  • All instructors should be purple belt or higher. We may ask for proof of promotions/lineages.
  • DBS checks for instructors where relevant
  • First aid training for instructors
  • Child protection policy in place
  • Sensible policy on adult and child integration during training
  • Accident report book
  • First aid kit
  • Fire exits to British standards
  • 40mm minimum for mats with minimal gaps
  • Minimum areas per pair in sparring
  • No sharp edges or corners in matted area
  • Cleaning policy in place for dojo area
  • Clear rules for students to remove jewellery before training
  • Zero tolerance for skin infections and policy for advice on treatment
  • Supervision and training for use of weights/fitness equipment if applicable
  • Member to member insurance for all students
  • Instructor insurance and club insurance
  • Agree to abide by the policies and procedures of the UKBJJA

Full copies of UKBJJA policies are available on request from [email protected]

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