UKBJJA helps Emergency Services BJJ to trial pilot with the aim of creating a safer community

UKBJJA helps Emergency Services BJJ to trial pilot with the aim of creating a safer community

Working together on an initiative that will keep officers & the public safe and ultimately reduce the risk of any injury.

The UKBJJA Emergency Services team have provided support to the Metropolitan Police Service to create and test a programme which aims to enhance Police Officers’ confidence & competence in how they keep themselves and the public safe.

During this collaborative approach, the Metropolitan Police Service recently tested and evaluated a bespoke strategy which was heavily influenced by the concepts of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and designed around the unique challenges of policing by serving & retired officers from the National Police BJJ association, TeamPolice BJJ.

The UKBJJA provided oversight, governance and provision of cover to make the programme a success and to navigate strategic and operational challenges as it was rolled out.

The success of this pilot has generated scope to see it delivered on a broader scale and supports the UKBJJA Emergency Service Team and Metropolitan Police Service’s shared aims of keeping officers & the public safe and ultimately reducing the risk of any injury in the most challenging of circumstances.

Sources from the Metropolitan Police Service have formally thanked the UKBJJA for our ongoing support, acknowledging our commitment to providing solid foundations to overcome barriers and enable this pilot programme to achieve success.

Neil Williams, Chair UKBJJA said: “Community, safety and personal growth are values that lay at the heart of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. This mental philosophy is mirrored in the goals for this trial programme and it is momentous to be able to see the successful pilot be adopted more widely.”

Tom Wilson, UKBJJA Emergency Services Committee Chair said: “The shared commitment to improving officers’ confidence & competence in the field of personal and public safety has been a driving force for all involved in this programme and it’s fantastic to see this reach success. We look forward to working together on the continuing development of this initiative!”