UKBJJA Certified Instructor Warren Berry teaches BJJ classes in school

Last week the first UKBJJA certified instructor Warren Berry started teaching BJJ to school children who had been struggling academically and socially. All the hard work is down to Warren but we are really proud to have helped in some small way to get this project off the ground, which is using BJJ to make a difference to the lives of these young people.

Here are a few words from Warren about how the project is going:

“I’ve done four classes so far, with groups ranging from 3 – 6. So far all classes have been really positive. It’s a good learning curve for me as well, due to the nature and age of the students. Lots of games, basic subs covered so far with a few practical drills to whet their appetite. I’ve been asked to do classes for another maximum group of 20 children at the school alternative curriculum project. They are currently at risk of permanent exclusion.

In terms of progression of students. Observable attendance and behaviour improvements in class. I have had one female student who watched the first two classes. I can tell she’s interested, just very shy….Today, I used a balancing ball to get her on the mat to play some fun  balancing games / drills with the other female students. She stayed on the mat and watched. A huge step for her. Next time, hopefully she’ll try some of the class. Students who had tested relationships with each other are embracing on the mat and helping each other enjoy their BJJ. This is a joy to see.”