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Next Event: Warwick University, 11 November 2018.

Warwick Sport, Sports Centre, University of Warwick, CV4 7AL

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UKBJJA University League Warwick November 2018/19: Registration Form

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The annual UKBJJA University League is proud to present the 1st competition of the 2018/19 league, hosted by the University of Warwick. 


On November 11th Warwick will once again open its doors to give University students the chance to compete against each other in both Gi and No-gi. With medals, prizes for absolute, and a team trophy for the best University, as well as earning points towards the overall league trophy it is sure to be an exciting competition.

For the very first time there will be a Beginner category, for those that have started learning BJJ this academic year (September 2018). This will give people very new to the sport a chance to compete in a safe, friendly environment for their very first competition.


£20 for Gi or No-gi OR £30 for both!

This competition uses Repechage, which means that you get a minimum of 4 fights for doing both on the day.

Experience Categories

For Gi: 

-Beginner   = Started training in September 2018 (including other grappling styles)

-White Belt = Trained BJJ/grappling/mma before September 2018
-Blue Belt
-Advanced = Purple/Brown/Black belt

For No-Gi:

-Beginner = Started training in September 2018 (including other grappling styles)
-Novice = Under 2 Years Experience or White Belt
-Intermediate = Up to 3 Years or Blue Belt
-Advanced = Above 3 Years or Purple/Brown/Black Belt

Weight Categories


For Male:

u62kg | u69kg | u77kg | u85kg | u94kg| +94kg | Absolute

For Female:

u55kg| u62kg | +62kg | Absolute


Weigh-in is done WITHOUT the Gi, so the weights are the same for both Gi & No-Gi. 




For Gi:


Beginner     = IBJJF White Belt               (5 minute fights)

White Belt   = IBJJF White Belt               (5 minute fights)

Blue Belt     = IBJJF Blue Belt                 (6 minute fights)

Advanced   = IBJJF Brown/Black Belt     (7 minute fights)


For No-Gi:


Beginner          = IBJJF White Belt             (5 minute fights)

Novice             = IBJJF White Belt             (5 minute fights)

Intermediate    = IBJJF Blue Belt                (6 minute fights)

Advanced        = IBJJF Brown/Black Belt   (7 minute fights)


The rules can be found at the following link:



UKBJJA membership is required for entry to this competition, it can be obtained from the following link:

Anyone found to be intentionally sandbagging (especially in the Beginners categories) will be banned from this and future competitions. If in doubt, please contact

If you have any other questions, please send a message to

Looking forward to seeing you all there


Please note you have to be a UKBJJA member to enter and if you have a university club we would encourage the club to join, but this is not a requirement. If you don't have a club yet at your university, you can still compete. Please visit to join.

The UKBJJA runs a university wide competition league for all current student and staff at UK universities. Individuals can compete for their institution at annual events and at the end of the year the university team topping the league will win a prize, as will the top individual male and female athlete in the individual university league rankings.

We currently run two competitions a year in autumn and spring semester, with as many divisions as possible for all belts, gi and no gi. Points are allocated according to the criteria applied in the UKBJJA national rankings here.

Our aim is to make these events as affordable as possible for all students to compete. In order to be eligible to compete individuals do have to be members of the UKBJJA and we would also ask that your university club joins as a club member. Details on joining up can be found on our membership pages. If you are in any doubt or or the only person at your university doing BJJ then get in touch.

The first event took place at the University of Nottingham on March 11, 2017. Since then, we have seen some great jiu jitsu matches at both Nottingham and Warwick Universities. If you are active at a university and would like to host a competition, please get in touch. It’s great for your CV and will give you invaluable experience about the demands of running a BJJ competition.

For details of the next event, check the event page.

Benefits include liability insurance for clubs and individuals, discounted instructor insurance, national athlete rankings & prize fund, discounted entry to UKBJJA events, training in first aid, safeguarding, refereeing, DBS checks and more...

Have you been the victim of, or witness to, any form of discrimination, harassment or abuse in BJJ? Email (in confidence)