The UKBJJA is committed to ensuring gender equality in BJJ.

In recent months we have appointed a Women’s Development Commission, produced a short film entitled Jiu Jitsu Woman to encourage women and girls to take up the sport and on 8 March 2016 (International Women’s Day) we launched a major sporting outreach campaign called Unstoppable Girl to get females of all ages and backgrounds more active and taking up Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. 


Just Roll With It

Jiu Jitsu Woman

We all know that more men than women do sport. This is true at most ages and 80% of women in the UK are not active enough, how do we change this? The UKBJJA’s campaign is designed to spread the word about why BJJ has the potential to address this problem and to turn women into “Unstoppable Girls”. “Unstoppable Girl” aims to get more women involved in the martial art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  

It involves national women only training events, social media, an education and fundraising campaign to get girls and women involved in the sport. A number of “Unstoppable Girl” Ambassadors; based throughout the UK, of different background, ages and experience levels, will be hosting free seminars, working with local councils and charities, and in the community to reach out to women who have never tried the sport. Each event will offer the opportunity for individuals to talk to existing practitioners about the benefits of BJJ, how it has helped them, and what it’s like to train and be part of the BJJ family.

Talking about the Unstoppable Girl, UKBJJA founder member and a member of the UKBJJA’s Women’s Development Commission, Kat Hill commented: “We want to highlight to girls and women how and why BJJ really can transform their attitudes to sport and exercise.

She continues: “Our short film ‘Jiu Jitsu Woman’ aims to highlight why women/girls train which will be shown at Unstoppable Girl seminars. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is for anyone and participation can help cement values of International Women’s Day.”

Tata Pereira, an Unstoppable Girl Ambassador who trains in Basingstoke commented. ‘We really want to make sure Jiu Jitsu is available for everyone. It has changed our lives, we want to change theirs.”  You can follow the campaign and check out what’s happening on Facebook and Twitter @ukbjja #unstoppablegirl.

You can find a list of Unstoppable Girl events here and if you want to get involved or be an Unstoppable Girl Ambassador get in touch. 


Benefits include liability insurance for clubs and individuals, discounted instructor insurance, national athlete rankings & prize fund, discounted entry to UKBJJA events, training in first aid, safeguarding, refereeing, DBS checks and more...

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